The goal of this periodic blog (EgyDev) is to promote information exchange on access to quality energy services in developing countries including renewable, modern, biomass and household energy.

Post List

  1. What Drives Electricity Adoption?  A Review of Connection Charges in Sub-Saharan Africa
  2. Energy Poverty and Income poverty: How Do They Differ?
  3. Resurrection of ESMAP Knolwedge Exchange Series 2005-2009
  4. The Basics of Wood Burning Stoves:  A Case for Standards or Rating Systems?
  5. Energy Services for the Poor:  Review of World Bank Investments
  6. Impact of Rural Electrification in Peru:  A "New" Study
  7. Improved Biomass Stoves for Bangladesh:  Practice and Promise
  8. Where is Energy Poverty's REN21?
  9. What is Electrification:  New Technologies and Old Definitions?
  10. Energy Poverty Continued:  A Narrative from Andrew Barnett
  11. The Concept of Energy Poverty
  12. Small Photovoltaic Lighting Systems:  Niche or Not
  13. Rural Energy Subsidies: "It's Deja Vu All Over Again"
  14. Solving Rural Electrification Problems: New Wine in Old Bottles?
  15. Promoting Solar Home Systems and Improved Biomass Stoves:  A Comparison
  16. Rural Electrification in Developing Countries by the Numbers
  17. Comparative Cooking Costs in Developing Countries
  18. Improved Stoves in Developing Countries by the Numbers
  19. Facing Rural Energy Realities in Bangladesh
  20. Rural Electrification and Communication
  21. Household Energy Emissons and Climate Change
  22. New Generation Wood Stove Evaluation in Dabaab Kenya: Review Series
  23. Eight Steps to Successful Rural Electrification Programs 
  24. Measuring Household Lighting: Survey Design Issues
  25. Cooking with LPG: Climate and Poverty Issues
  26. Improved Biomass Stoves: The Next Generation
  27. Measuring Benefits of Rural Electrification
  28. The Benefits of Rural Electrification in Developing Countries
  29. Gender, Energy and Development
  30. Low Cost Electricity Connection Fees