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Electric Power for Rural Growth, 2nd Ed.
by Douglas F. Barnes

Energy for Development
ISBN-10: 0692303464  ISBN-13: 978-0692303467
Library of Congress No.: 2014919639
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Most people don't think much about energy. They just flick a switch to light a room or turn on their computers to browse the internet.  This is not true for over one billion of the poorest people in the world, who incredibly still do not enjoy the advantages of having electricity. Despite much progress, even today many still question the exact nature of electricity's benefits for the world's poor? Is rural electrification important for education and quality of life? Does it improve rural productivity? Can the poor afford electricity? The new edition of the classic book Electric Power for Rural Growth answers these questions and more.

This Second Edition is entirely rewritten.  The book highlights new issues involving rural electrification and development, but is faithful to reporting the results from the classic household surveys conducted in India, Colombia and Indonesia. All of the tables and charts in the book have been revised for easier reading.  The book has a brand new chapter tracing the development of benefit evaluation techniques over three decades and summarizing current research.

Quote from Book
"The blind faith placed in rural electrification during the 1960s and early 1970s as being a key to energy development policy bears resemblance to more recent calls by international organizations of Sustainable Energy for All... For new advocates of rural electrification, the historical debate (over the impact of rural electrification on development) offers forgotten lessons."

Review by Shahid Khandker, Lead Economist, World Bank
"Electric Power for Rural Growth should be required reading for anyone interested in impact evaluation of infrastructure and development... Great progress has been made since the 1980s, with over two billion people having gained access to electricity. Yet, as this compelling research reminds us, even in the 21st century, more than one billion people are still in the dark, and they need to be brought into the modern world."

Chapters in the Electric Power for Rural Growth
1. Historical Public Policy Controversy
2. Impact Evaluation Study Design
3. Agricultural Development in India
4. Small-Scale Industry and Commerce
5. Rural Social Change
6. Equity and Poverty
7. Economics of Village Line Extension
8. The Continuing Debate
9. New Approaches in the 21st Century

Subjects: Rural Electrification and Development; Rural Sociology; Economic Impact Evaluation; Energy and Development; Energy Access in Developing Countries; Energy for All; Energy Economics; and Energy Poverty. Countries: India, Indonesia and Colombia.

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